Listen Foundation

Dry Creek Sertoma's funds have been used to enroll children into the Children's Listening and Speeck Language Program to assist children in learning how to listen and talk.

"The Listen office received a call from University Hospital about a young girl who just received a cochlear implant and needed therapy to learn how to listen and talk.  During this critical time after implant, the family was going to lose their medicaid insurance and UCH asked for Listen's help.  We were able to pool this donation with monies donated from another Sertoma club to fund the therapy this girl needed to process sound from the new implant . . perfect timing!  We so appreciate the extra funding this year - Thank you!"  "By making crucial therapy available as soon as possible, regardless of financial situation, your contribution helps us to provide life changing possibilities for our participants."

​"Please extend our appreciation to everyone at the Dry Creek Sertoma Club for choosing the Listen Foundation as a recipient of your successful fundraising efforts." Donations "will allow more children to begin learning to listen and talk which will eventually lead them to a point in life where they can enjoy the same education and lifestyle as their typical hearing peers. These funds will provide listening and spoken language therapy for a child whose family cannot afford to pay for it." This will be accomplished through an initial assessment of children to determine their therapy needs and the appropriate listening and spoken language therapy. Dry Creek Sertoma's donation this year covered the cost of assessments for two children. The Listen Foundation is dedicated to helping Colorado families with children who are deaf or hearing impaired reach their full potential.

"It was the mission of the founding parents of this organization that all families wanting their child to be part of the larger hearing world should have access to this therapy, not just those who could afford it. For almost five decades, the Listen Foundation has provided financial assistance to families in need so that no child is refused therapy due to their family's inability to pay.   This has only been possible through the goodwill of the community."

Doctors Care

"Thank you for celebrating Doctors Care's 30 years of service with a generous contribution.  Your donation helps eliminate barriers to health care while empowering others to be part of the solution to keeping our entire community healthy.  Gifts like yours allow Doctors Care to continue providing not only quality and compassionate care, but also lasting and reliable services to low-income and uninsured families in South Metro Denver.

"A young couple came to the clinic for their newborn's two-month-old's checkup, along with a  disruptive three-year-old sibling.  The infant was doing well, however it ws evident Mom was extremely stressed and the sibling had behavioral issues.  While the medical provider focused on the infant, the therapist engaged Mom in conversation.  She learned the sibling's father (not the same as infant's father) had visited her regularly, but was currently not in her life due to becoming incarcerated.  In addition, Mom had quit a full time job to become a stay-at-home mom.  This meant the sibling was also adjusting from a socialized day care situation to being at home with Mom and the new baby.  These major life changes resulted in sleeplessness for mom and acting out by the child.  The counselor recommended both attend therapy to work through their issues, and provided appropriate referrals. By participating in the visit, the therapist was able to work in collaboration with the medical provider and offer another layer of care and support for the family."

In 2017, Doctors Care continued to develop an organization-wide vision for team-based care that brings all service areas together to provide quality, compassionate care and support.  Nearly 4,500 individuals had access to quality and affordable health care and program services through Doctors Care's 4 Core Services (care clinic, connection to coverage, health navigation, and the advantage program). The Doctors Care Clinic welcomed nearly 800 new patients and provided over 7,000 office visits. Program services helped improve access to care for over 1,700 individuals. Dry Creek Sertoma's financial assistance and donations have allowed the organization to expand its capacity to meet the needs of a rapidly growing underserved population. These donations help eliminate barriers to health care while empowering others to be part of the solution to seeing our entire community health.​

2016: A successful example of where our donations go is one family who was referred to Doctors Care from SafeCare Colorado. Having no medical coverage, the wife was pregnant and had not received prenatal care and the children had not received immunizations. Doctors Care was able to arrange for her to receive care from South Denver OBGYN, while enrolling the father and children in Doctors Care's Access for Uninsured program (providing vaccinations and dental care). After giving birth and having additional problems, the mother was covered as a Medicaid-covered patient in the clinic. The family was further helped in getting established through a food drive/fund raiser that provided cash, groceries, clothing, and gift cards. This family is now doing well. 


Children's Advisory Network

​IPADS were purchased to facilitate the therapy programs held in the homes of 15 clients. Educational brochures were purchased to educate 400 parents in the metro area. Two signs were purchased to market the Wee Ride program serving 45 children, in addition to purchase halters, brushes and horse treats. Through the Safe Ears program, 1652 children were screened for hearing, vision, and/or speech and language disorders. Approximately 15% were referred for further evaluation to professionals in the community. Educational bookmarks, ear protection plugs, and educational materials were also provided to families and teachers at the schools and sent home in SafeEar Bags. A total of 975 free materials were provided through Dry Creek donations. 

The Children's Advisory Network is a non-profit organization providing speech and language services to teach children the essential skills needed to be confident and successful communicators. The Safe Ears program program educational materials and screening to children and teachers in our community. Three programs provides speech services:  Wee Speak for in-home speech therapy, Wee Screen for hearing, vision, speech and language screening in pre-schools and private schools, and We Ride - hippo therapy (combination speech therapy and horse therapy). As each program has separate needs, the donation is split across the programs. 

Court Appointed Advocates for Children (CASA)

On behalf of the Boar, staff and volunteers of CASA, we would like to thank the Dry Creek Sertoma Club for the thoughtful donation.Through your support, we are able to provide abused and neglected children with an advocate by their side every step of the way advocating for their best interest. These funds will be used to recruit, train, and place advocates who will advocate for abused and neglected children in Colorado's 18th judicial district.  These funds benefit the 300+ active CASA volunteers and, even more so, the hundreds of kids in our area who ned the support and services of CASA volunteers. 

International Hearing Dog, inc

"Hearing Dog, Cedar was placed in Centennial in late June of 2017 with a gentleman named John.  He has been without hearing since birth and uses hearing aids.  John also communicates through sign language. He is retired and living alone and requested a dog to help him know where sounds are coming from and for companionship.  As a result of age and his hearing loss, John has balance difficulties and must walk with a walker.  Cedar was chosen specifically for John because he calm and enjoys being in laps, but also eager to help alert to sounds.  John shared.'Cedar is settling right in and is very enthusiastic answering the door and doing the fire alarm.  Very mellow little guy; all the people and dogs he meets say he's quite the gentleman.  He's also getting more playful and has lots of personality around me.' Thanks for all you've done for both of us.We appreciate it."

IHD trains 25-30 dogs annually and places them with hearing recipients across the United States and Canada. "Sertoma has been a wonderful supporter of our organization and our cause. Without Sertoma, we would not be able to afford the cost to successfully place 24-30 dogs each year across the US and Canada." The donation directly benefits the hearing dogs in training and helps them get to their new home. The funds help IHD to continue rescuing dogs from animal shelters and training them to be Hearing Dogs for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Free the Gtirls

Our vision at Free The Girls is to see a world in which previously enslaved women are leading vibrant, successful, integrated lives. Our unique model of safe economic opportunity and holistic reintegration is providing a way for survivors to experience true freedom.   As one of the women in our program says, "This project had made such a huge difference in my life and the lives of my children".  ​

Programs have increased to include Mozambique and El Salvador with future partnerships in other parts of Africa and Latin America.  Free the Girls will laugh a unique new workshop that better and more fully equips the women to create a personalized path out of poverty, even after they've graduated from the bra-selling program. This new workshop not only teaches business skills but gets to the heart of the matter - reminding these women that they are worthy to be employed, and that they are creative and resourceful human beings who have a place in the marketplace.

Funds and bras provided to the Uganda Program women provided the inventory to survivors of sex trafficking to earn a safe income as they transition from trauma to true freedom. By earning a living through the sales of the donated bras, they are able to put their children through school and break generational poverty. 

Soap  Box Derby

We run a youth racing program that involves families and their kids.  As a member of the All- American Soap Box Derby, we send our Champions to the world Championships in Akron, OH.  Through your support, we use the funds to give 3 Champs funds to travel and attend the program which would otherwise would be a significant challenge for the families. We sent 3 Champ families and supported the shipment of 2 rally cars to Akron in July. Our Super Kid racer won our local race and went to Akron. He was with his parents and sister, who as a family won the Best Decorated Table at our spaghetti cook-off fundraiser.

The Support of Sertoma and especially Dry Creek Sertoma is Vital to the Sertoma Mile High Soap Box Derby.  We appreciate the support and could not do it without the generosity and support of the members.  It should be noted that all families participating benefit in the opportunity.  We had approximately 28 families that participated in the program this year at just the local championships.  Our rally program included an additional 25 families at each event.  They are middle to lower income families with children between the ages of 7 and 20 who come from all different backgrounds.  We had 8 Super Kids who had either physical and or mental challenges and kids in our local programs with speech and hearing. 

​We feel as though we have a unique program that involves the entire family and promotes family communication, time spent together, and the development of child behavior in a healthy competitive environment in their most impressionable years.  This sport is not like any other in the fact that the child has the ultimate affect on if they win or lose.  The parent has a unique opportunity to coach their child through successes and failures.  The time spent doing so is absolutely indescribably important.  The fact that we get to send a winner in each class to the second oldest racing event in the world to be part of history, is a bonus.  These children that gain this opportunity get a life changing experience.  We feel strongly that the families that commit to our program get the most out of it, but even the one time racer gets an opportunity of a lifetime

Easter Seals

August, 2017: "In July 2014, Paul suffered a stroke,  After the stroke, he needed speech, physical and occupational therapy.  Insurance benefits were quickly exhausted.  In desperate need to additional therapies he could afford, Paul and his daughter, Jennifer immediately made an appointment with Easterseals Colorado where they were impressed by the program and the staff. 'They gave us hope when none existed.'  Paul has become a part of the Easterseals' family and his progress both socially6 and physically has improved greatly.  Jennifer said, 'I, too have had respite, thanks to the time he spends at Easterseals. I am renewed and therefore, a better daughter, caregiver and friend.'  Individuals like Paul and countless others strive to return to activities of daily living. Through our 9 different program areas, people with disabilities and their families can receive the supports they so desperately need!"

2016: One participant of the Easter Seals Colorado's Rehabilitation Services and Stroke Day Program suffered a stroke resulting in severe expressive aphasia. Since having private therapy with a Speech Pathologist through the Stroke Day Program, that person has made significant progress and has been helped combatting the isolation she experienced. "When she began attending the Stroke Day Program, she could only say one word. Unfortunately, her one word was a swear word.  After 2 1/2 years of therapy, she now walks into the building every morning with a complete sentence, 'My name is Monica (name changed) and I am at Easter Seals! It is still a struggle for her to get that sentence out, but it is a dramatic change from the single swear word she started with."

"Speech therapy is a critical component of Easter Seals Colorado's Rehabilitation Services and Stroke Day Program. It quite literally gives people back their voice after a stroke." The programs operate five days per week. Throughout the day, participants have access to the following services: physical, occupational and speech therapies, therapeutic cognitive support, warm water therapy exercise and other fitness activities. Additionally participants are surrounded by peers, giving them the opportunity to enhance social skills and share life experiences. 



​The average family spends $750 on school supplies which can be a huge budget strain for military families. The Back-to-School Brigade event will benefit 950 military children in Colorado who struggle with school supply expenses. We are grateful for the support (through donation of backpacks and money to buy school supplies) from generous donors that support our military families to build strong, stable and secure military families who thrive in the communities they have wore so hard to protect.

TLC Meals on Wheels

"The impact of receiving a daily meal is far-reaching for our clients. Getting good nutrition equates to less chronic illnesses.  Volunteer visits along with our ancillary services of remembering clients' birthdays and celebrating holidays result in reduced loneliness, anxiety and medical problems.  Yet the personal stories of those we serve reveal that our impact often extends beyond the expected. Rose has been on our service for almost a year.  A veteran, she lives alone.  Her multiple medical issues including frequent falls, bladder issues, sight impairment, and mobility problems, - limit are ability to engage fully in activities which bring her pleasure.  After receiving her themed Halloween gift last year, she wrote us a letter which read "Thank you so much for the delightful 'ghost' favor that arrived with my meal yesterday.  It was simple, handmade and I definitely felt the love!  And it's the TLC I've really needed in my life lately.  I feel that every day when I eat the delicious food lovingly prepared and delivered by a dedicated team. Thank you so much."  For Rosa, as with so many of our clients, our services provide a sense of dignity and well=being knowing that those in the community care about them."

We are inspired by the feedback we receive from clients. Patricia was hesitant when she started with TLC Meals on Wheels but she has now discovered how little she was eating on her own. She wrote "I am more engaged with family and neighbors. My daughter told me how much better I look & interact with family. I am grateful for the service." The donations from the Dry Creek S
​Sertoma Club enable TLC Meals on Wheels to continue supporting older adults; empowering them to remain independent while improving their health through better nutrition.

"For many of us, holiday weekends are a time to visit with family and friends while enjoying good food. Yet for some of our clients, our volunteers are the only people they see during the day. On holidays it's easy to forget the impact of a special meal, but at TLC Meals on Wheels, we frequently receive calls from clients telling us how much they appreciated that we remembered them on the holidays with a themed meal. It's special touches like these - including friendly visits with our volunteers, our daily wellness checks, and remembering our client's birthdays - that earn us the distinction of 'much more than a meal.'"

Sertoma's donations enable TLC Meals on Wheels to continue delivering months of meals as well as reminding seniors that we care. We enjoy what we can do when we can do it - like the time before Thanksgiving that we had a lot of loaves of bread that were donated and used in the preparation of stuffing for the Meals on Wheels clients.

Aspen Camp of the Deaf and hard of hearing

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, staff, and most of all, the Deaf children we serve, thank you for your generous support of our mission. Your generosity is appreciated.  In the words of one participant's parent, "I'd like to truly, truly thank Aspen Camp for giving my son the most amazing experience he's ever had in his life. He wants to go back for the whole summer? We are at a loss for words on how fortunate we were to have Aspen Camp accept our son."  

Here's a story that'll make you smile.  "In two weeks at Aspen [Camp], I learned -- I was found laughing so much that I felt like my body just relaxed. I was caught pondering in silence as I found out who I am. I hugged people and built friendships. I was seen smiling like I own the world because I never felt so alive in such a long, long time. [Aspen Camp] helped me run and chase the life I dreamed of"

Dry Creek Sertoma is proud that our contribution enables Aspen Camp to continue providing educational and recreational opportunities to hundreds of kids who find a sense of self confidence during their experience at Aspen Camp. Sertoma's current donation went to the scholarship fund needed for campers. 72% of campers ask for scholarships. They live across the U.S., although most are from Colorado.​ Aspen Camp provides experiences to promote personal growth as well as community education and services to advance the Deaf Community. Programs include family camp and summer camps for the youth.

We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to assist organizations that serve people in need.  Letters of thanks have identified where the donations were provided and how the assistance impacted lives. The following are excerpt from some of those letters.

Arapahoe Rescue Patrol, Inc

The Arapahoe Rescue Patrol is solely supported by donations, to provide search and rescue free of charge to anyone who needs or requires them. The citizens of Littleton, Arapahoe County and the State of Colorado benefit from donations. The donations go toward training, specialized rescue equipment, fuel, insurance, etc to keep their services free. Over the years, the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol has made training its members to the best of their ability a main priority.  With this training comes a necessity for up to date equipment that can safely be used for patrol operations.  As equipment wears out, donations such as those provided by the Dry Creek Sertoma Club are what keep the patrol functioning. This year's contribution went toward the purchase of a new command post trailer. 

One such training example is that these generous funds have allowed members of the patrol to advance their training in swift water rescue.  In 2013, the  patrol's swift water team was discontinued due to a lack of instructor availability.  In 2017 the team was reintroduced in part due to the new opportunities offered by the donation.  Members can afford to attend classes to become swift water rescue certified as well as acquire gear that makes training safer and more effective.  Thanks to the Dry Creek Sertoma Club, the Arapahoe Rescue Patrol has been able to expand its scope and quality of rescue services. 

The Arapahoe Rescue Patrol has been in existence for over 61 years of continuous operation!!! Over the years, we have never charged for our search and rescue services. We receive limited assistance for such activities as traffic direction at events, but this is minimal. The, we can only continue our operations if organizations, businesses and citizens are willing to help.  And we DO provide a service. In 2016, the Arapahoe Recue Patrol responded on 43 missions including Search and Rescue response and Fire / Law Enforcement assistance to the various agencies we work with.  In 2016, the team logged 22,700 hours of activity.

We have found that if you give young people the training and responsibility, they will perform admirably!"


Arapahoe Santa Claus Shop is an all-volunteer, community-based non-profit providing free toys to deserving children in Littleton, Englewood, and Sheridan. Dry Creek Sertoma provided toys for preschool age boys and girls and volunteer time to set up and hand out the toys. Over 1,300 kids received toys last year. 

"Thanks so very much for your generous donation to the 2017 Arapahoe Santa Claus Shop. Because of caring donors like you, 2017 was our 58th year of providing free toys to deserving children in Littleton, Englewood, and Sheridan.  We sincerely thank you and are grateful for your involvement and support. The funds from Dry Creek Sertoma will go a long ways to provide toys and also educational toys and puzzles for the infant and preschool department."

"2016 was the first year that I was co-director of the Santa Shop and it certainly gave me a different insight as to all that goes into making it a success for these families. I came into direct contact with many people that brought donations to my house.  Of these people, they had stories to tell of how the Santa Shop had been a life saver in years past.

      One lady gave many bags of stuffed animals and said her son, who is in his twenties, still has the monkey that he received many Christmas' ago from the Santa Shop. I was impressed that families remember us from years past and when they get on their feet, don't forget the time we helped them."

Field of DREAMS

​​"The funds you sent will almost pay for all our (sign language) interpreters that we have during camp. The sign language interpreters are an important part of our offered services. Children will be able to communicate with our coaches more effectively with the interpreters. Thank you so much for your donation. You have helped in a very significant way."

The LoDo Field of Dreams is a baseball camp that reaches out to children with hearing challenges who normally may not have the chance to learn and play in highly skilled sports, nor have the opportunity to play organized baseball and other sports programs. All attendees are from ages 7 to 17 years. Several Sertoma clubs assist in this two day camp. Additionally, Dry Creek's donation paid for approximately 50 camper T-shirts. "Funds are limited so this really helps us reach children with hearing challenges."

Integrated Family Community Services

"The club's kind donation will assist IFCS in meeting the needs of low-income children in the surrounding Western Arapahoe and Northern Douglas Counties. Our key enrichment program is the Ready Set School Backpack and School Supply project.  Dry Ceek Sertoma will assist IFCS in providing the tools of success - specialized mathematic calculators for high school students. These special instruments are mandated for the classroom and need to be supplied for passing the course. These low-income students come from often single families and are seeking to overcome the poverty obstacles that challenge their education and prosperity in the search for a successful future."

"Your members have made a difference in the community and municipalities that we serve together. Your support continues to bring joy and humanitarian care to a wide range of our neighbors in need. Dry Creek Sertoma has touched single parents escaping domestic violence, homebound serious, disabled veterans returning to civilian life, victims of crime, the newly unemployed, families dealing with local disasters that left them on the verge of homelessness...the list goes on. Most people know us as the largest food and clothing bank in the area, but we also work hard to provide enrichment programs, such as recreation passes for 1,200 to use local civic recreation centers, Mother's Day baskets for 460 single mothers and their children, back-to-school supplies and clothing necessities for 1500 kids, Thanksgiving food baskets for 650 homes, and holiday gifts/food for the 600 families and senior households. Because of your investment in IFCS, we are able to annually provide life changing programs, services, and referrals to an average of more than 13,000 youth and 5,000 adults. We provided over 13,000 meals worth of food and 3,500 individuals received warm coats and clothing.

Your club makes a difference to Integrated Family. I know that I have said it before, but it bears repeating...You have made an intact on our mission and we are so grateful to have your consistent support. We are excited again to see the many faces that your generosity benefits."

SERvice TO  MAnkind